Reishi Eleuthero Master – Organic

Reishi Eleuthero Master - Organic

Reishi Eleuthero Master – Organic Protects against stress and adrenal burnout, strengthens immune system, improves energy and mood. Organic herbs. 1 oz.

More and more Canadians use natural health products (NHPs). It is important to know how you can use these products safely. Read on for more information about possible health benefits and safety risks to determine if NRPs are suitable for you. And always talk to your doctor, health care professional or nutritionist before using any of these products.

NHPs come in many forms, including herbal products, vitamin / mineral supplements and traditional and homeopathic medicines. And just because they are called ‘natural’ does not mean that they are always safe. NHPs can interact with medicines, nutrients and foods and can even have toxic (dangerous) effects.