Milk Thistle (Alcohol-Free) – Organic

Milk Thistle (Alcohol-Free) - Organic

Milk Thistle (Alcohol-Free) – Organic Supports healthy liver and detoxification. Protects, repairs, and rejuvenates liver cells. Organic herb. Alcohol-free. 2 oz.

Today’s consumer, millennials in particular, are catching on and creating a new demand for safe, natural products. Here at Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, we are excited about developing new products that meet this growing demand. To learn about the potential benefits of natural health and beauty products, read on.

When you make the choice to begin using natural health and beauty products, you could be protecting yourself against cancer. Unlike their non-natural counterparts, natural health and beauty products are free of parabens and sulfates. While these compounds are considered safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration, some studies show they may be linked to consequences like breast cancer and cell membrane damage. By choosing natural products made with non-toxic ingredients, you’re saying ‘no’ to the chemicals found in most commercial products.