Toxi-Clean Gold

Elderberry - Organic

For whole-body cleansing, detoxification, and rejuvenation. Dilute entire bottle (4 fl. oz.) into 1 gallon (128 fl. oz.) of purified water. Consume over 2-3 days.

As NHPs are produced from safe substances occurring naturally, there is no risk of any harm at the recommended doses. There are some known interactions and contraindications in certain situations, but these are well known.Before using some products, it may be necessary to consult a doctor. Side-effects of NHPs tend to be minor in nature and usually stop when the treatment is discontinued. They are also normally safe for all ages at the appropriate doses.Take cough remedies as an example. Synthetic cough syrups usually contain ingredients, which cause drowsiness. Herbal cough syrups or natural remedies like honey also work well and don’t make you drowsy.


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